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Kenko PF-63a DX 20-50x Spotting Scope

Kenko does include sports optics in its product category which includes magnifying products for all levels. It also introduces the powerful sports optics catagoried under binoculars, monocular and spotting scopes. Its product offers stupendous performance and is dedicated for different set of users, when it comes to engineering and quality it seen not to compromise and hence makes product that are durable. Right from the first question as to whether Kenko PF-63a DX 20-50x Angled Spotting Scope is suitable for you till its product features and the architecture, the details are discussed in this review.


The mechanical components along with the design dynamic and the power of observation go hand in hand in this product. Kenko PF-63a DX 20-50x Waterproof Spotting Scope has an angled eyepiece which gives a professional observation. The body is made of highly durable die-case aluminium which not only protects the interiors but also gives a light weight device. The size of this product is 343mm in length and it weighs 942 grams. The housing colour is black and it has a pull out type of lens hood.

Kenko PF-63a DX 20-50x

Magnification Power:

The lens size is 63mm in diameter which is known to be the aperture of this model. This scope is capable of giving variable magnification with the zoom functions which goes from 20 times to 50 times. This magnification is good enough to view distinct objects in the outdoor and hence it is suitable for any outdoor observation.

Observation Capacity:

The field of view at the distance of 1000m is 29.7m in the magnification of 20x and goes up to 19.2m in the magnification of 50x. In case of close focus the observation can go up to 10m which is good when on observing the moving objects. The brightness delivered ranges from 9.9 to 1.1.

Technical Details:

This model adds the comfort for the users with eye glasses. It shows an eye relief of 12 to 20mm which is on the higher side and enhances the comfort of use. The lens of this model is fully multi-coated which reduces the aberration. When the irregularity is minimised the viewing experience is more joyful and memorable.

Product Features:

At the outset the body makes and the optical quality stands as the outstanding feature. The body made of highly durable die-cast aluminium and fully multi-coated optics means a lot for the user.

The pull out lens hood allows to easily positioning the eye and hence better observation can be performed. The eye piece is of interchangeable type and hence the required magnification level can be set.

The waterproof body allows the user prolonged observation and even near the waters as the internal mechanism are well protected with its water proof finish.


Kenko PF-63a DX 20-50x General Outdoor Spotting Scope comes inclusive of a 72mm filter thread and a soft carry case which makes it comfortable for the user to travel around.

Specification Table:

Manufacturer Kenko
Model Name PF-63a DX 20-50x Spotting Scope
Type Angled
Aperture 63 mm
Magnification 20-50x zoom
Rubber armouring Yes
Weight 942 grams
Optical coating Fully Multicoated
Close focus 10m
Tripod compatibility Yes
Field of view 29.7 – 19.2m
Eye relief 12 – 20mm
Exit pupil 3.15 – 1.05mm
Features Body made of highly durable die-cast aluminiumFully multi-coated opticsPull out lens hood

Waterproof body

Interchangeable eye piece

Accessories 72mm filter threadSoft case

Saxon 1149 EQ Reflector Telescope

Saxon 1149 EQ Reflector Telescope made of aluminium makes up the body structure and results in light weight construction. Saxon always follows a well surfaced principle and cuts into the steep competition with its distinguished products. This model is reviewed here to bring out more on the product specification and functionality.


This model is a suitable beginner scope with the reflector technology. It brings a fascinating astronomical observation of Moon, planets and other deep celestial objects. The construction with the mirror technology has aluminised finish with the over coated mirror. This optical design is known as Newtonian design. The other technical aspects and the supported accessories give it a perfect look through of both the celestial and terrestrial objects. This device has black housing with the glossy finish and weighs 15kg. The dimension of the tube is 15cm in diameter and the length is 83cm.

Saxon 1149 EQ Reflector Telescope

Aperture and Magnification:

The lens size of this product is 114mm in diameter which has the focal length of 900mm. This means the focal ratio is 8.0 and the highest magnification Saxon 1149 EQ Newtonian Telescope obtains is 337x. The supported eye piece of various size which are of 4mm, 10mm and 25mm adds up to the magnification effect and gives an enhanced observation.

The Supported Aspects:

The finder scope one important addition for such models and it helps to locate the objects and track it in a perfect go. The finder scope of power 5×24 is available which is model. The resolving power is 1 while the faintest steller magnitude is 12.8.

This model is embedded with the Equatorial mount type which can be adjusted in both sides. The slow motion control is both vertical and horizontal. The focuser diameter is 1.25” while the counterweights are 3.5.

The use of tripod is distinguished as it gives hands free observation. The size of the tripod is 71cm to 123cm of height adjustment. The tripod has accessory tray which runs wall to wall.

The aperture of Saxon 1149 Celestial and Terrestrial Telescope is much better and advanced light gathering ability when compared to the model with the aperture of 76mm and 70mm, it gives about 125% and 165% better light gathering ability and brighter images.


Apart from the various features and the technical aspects it also has a smooth rack and pinion focuser and three super 1.25” eyepieces to make it a complete one. The use of 1.5x erecting lens helps to view the terrestrial observation. Saxon provides a Moon and Solar system chart and an astronomical CD Rom along with the purchase of this product. It is also added with a limited warranty for the period of 60 months.

Product Specifications:

Manufacturer Saxon
Model Name 1149 EQ Reflector Telescope
Telescope Type Newtonian
Aperture 114 mm
Focal length 900 mm
Focal ratio 8.0
Eyepieces 4mm,10mm and 25mm
Highest Useful Magnification 337x
Tube dimension 15cm in diameter; 83cm in length
Motor drive Optional
Tripod height 71 – 123cm
Mount Equatorial
Finder scope 5×24
Weight Tube weight – 3.9kg; shipping weight – 15 kg
Slow motion control Vertical and Horizontal
Focuser diameter 1.25″
Inclusive Moon and Solar system chart, astronomical CD Rom
Application Both celestial and terrestrial
Warranty 60 months

Celestron Sky Prodigy 130 Telescope Review

While discussing on the good and efficient telescope what needs a special attention is the way it is been engineered. On handling the brand selection, Celestron has its one professional stand which also clearly defines its experience. It does aim to deliver an awesome and spirited device that suits for different purpose and they go successful in the dedicated application. Celestron Sky Prodigy 130 Reflector Telescope is a revolutionary product with the enhanced technology which combines both technology and design. This review discusses more about this product and its application.


Celestron incorporates the latest and revolutionary technology which is a ‘StarSense’ that which gives a perfect alignment. This technology proves better in technology and eliminates the frustration which is generally experienced with previous models. This works by just pointing to the different locations in the three sides with its electronic motor drive and recognises the image. All this takes place in just three minutes which is speedier and easier.

The Basics:

Celestron Sky Prodigy 130 Telescope works with the reflector type which makes it look portable and also supports enhanced clarity in the viewing image. The weight of this product is 8.16kg and it has a glossy red colour finish. The optical coating has aluminium finish. This product is been combined with the mount, additional eye piece, tripod and the accessory tray for the comfort and hands free usage.

Technical Details:

The size of the objective lens which is the aperture is 130mm which combines the maximum highest useful magnification of 307x. This means that brighter observation is been experienced as it attracts more light into the eyepiece. The focal length is 650mm and it gives the ratio of f/5. It does come with a couple of eyepiece for the improved magnification and they are 25mm which gives the magnification of 26x and 9mm which corresponds to the magnification of 9mm.

General Ergonomic Features:

The prime highlight of this product is the fully automatic alignment procedure which works intelligently and gives an auto alignment. This alignment does not require any additional data like the date, time or the location.

The mount present in this model is of type Altazimuth mount which allows adjustment in all direction. The mount is equipped with the quick release fork arm, the optical tube which gives an easy set up. The tripod is made of stainless steel which is sturdy and does have an accessory tray to handle all the important hands on accessories.

Further the computerised mount equips with database of about 4000 celestial objects which allows the telescope to automatically locate. In combination with the StarSense technology it gives complete automatic alignment without any user intervention. It does have flash upgradeable hand control software which allows downloading the product update.


Celestron Sky Prodigy 130 Telescope is been powered with the battery pack which gives 30 hours of power. The tracking rates and the tracking modes are sidereal, solar and the lunar. The modes are the solar system align and the StarSense automatic alignment. The manufacturer provides a warranty of 24 month for this product.

Specification Details:

Manufacturer Celestron
Model Name Sky Prodigy 130 Telescope
Telescope Type 5.15x 52.3x 11.5 cms
Aperture 130 mm
Focal length 650 mm
Focal ratio F/5
Eyepieces 25 mm, 9mm
Magnification 307 x
Optical tube Aluminium
Tripod Steel
Mount Motorised Altazimuth
Finder scope Star pointer
Weight 8.16 kg
Optical coating Aluminium
Computerised control Yes
Light gathering power 345x
Tracking models Alt-az alignment procedures, starsense automatic alignment,
solar system alignment
Warranty 24 months

Seben Star-Sheriff 1000-114 EQ3 Reflector Telescope

Seben has every reason to celebrate its success and popularity; it is one among the leading brands that brings out outstanding results in innovation and technology. Following the success principles the brand brings out distinguished products with different strategies that suits various application. This review is about the product Seben Star-Sheriff “Big-Pack” 1000-114 EQ3 Reflector Telescope.


This model belongs to the high quality reflector type of device. One of the prime benefits of such device is that it is compact in structure and it allows to easily transporting when required. This model does come with almost all the necessary features and its functional ability stands distinguished. The weight of this product is 11kg which is comparatively reasonable for such devices. Seben Star-Sheriff “Big-Pack” Celestial and Terrestrial Telescope is an up to date design and it is equipped with the features like the Moon filter, finder scope, Barlow lens, erecting eye piece which supports both terrestrial and celestial observation. It is also made sufficient with the tripod and efficient mount to bring in more fun in observation.

Technical Details:

For the brighter vision of the objects the aperture plays a vital role. The brightness of the viewing image is based on the size of the objective lens which is 114mm for this model. It helps to bring in more light making the observation clearer to its ability. However the vision of the image is based on the magnification with its determined based on the power of the eyepiece. The magnification accounts to be 250x, 167x, 80x and 50x when used with different eyepiece.

The focal length of this catastrophic system of device is 1000mm which gives the focal ratio of f/9. This also determines the size of the scope and which is the reason for the compact structure. The faintest discernible starts are over 12.8m and the Dawes limit is 1.21 arc seconds.

Other Product Features:

The added features are the use of Moon filter which helps to reduce the glare or the reflected sunlight which normally does not give better picture of the craters or the surface. The use of Barlow lens helps to double the magnification power of the eyepiece and hence the images are transformed better and clearer.

This model also comes with the accessory sockets which allows for the use of Astro-photography. It also has a finder scope for locating the objects and it is of type 5×24 which helps to locate the celestial objects clearer and easier. It does have a light weight and sturdy tripod made of aluminium which gives a hands free observation. Also provided is a mount of type EQ3 which allows you to adjust horizontally making you maintain a good viewing position.

With the help of the erecting eyepiece the observation can be easily shifted from celestial to the terrestrial mode without much need of adjustment. The optics is also multi-coated which gives a clearer observation without much of aberrations.


Seben Star-Sheriff “Big-Pack” 1000-114 EQ3 Reflector Telescope suits the basic and amateur observers who can enjoy the features of the advanced model. Seben along with the telescope provides various accessories which are Eyepiece 31.7mm, erecting eye piece 31.7mm, Moon Filter 31.7mm, Barlow lens, finder scope, EQ3 Mount, 4x protective eyepiece receptacles, protective cap for the tube, protective cap for the accessory socket,  adjustable aluminium tripod.


Manufacturer Seben
Model Name Star-Sheriff “Big-Pack” 1000-114 EQ3 Reflector Telescope
Telescope Type Reflector
Aperture 114 mm
Focal length 1000 mm
Focal ratio F/9
Eyepieces 31.7mm
Weight 11kg
Barlow lens Yes
Tripod Yes
Mount EQ3
Application Celestial and terrestrial
Finder scope 5×24
Optical coating Multicoated
Computerised control Yes
Highest useful magnification 500x
Astrophotography Yes
Package contents Eyepiece 31.7mm, erecting eye piece 31.7mm, Moon Filter 31.7mm,
Barlow lens, finder scope, EQ3 Mount,
4x protective eyepiece receptacles, protective cap for the tube,
protective cap for the accessory socket,
adjustable aluminium tripod

Sky-Watcher Skymax-127 Maksutov-Cassegrain Telescope

Sky watcher is well versed in the optical products which introduces well fitted model with the suitable features for various applications. Each of its models has updated and refreshed look which is highly appealing than the previous models which makes the brand a welcoming one. Sky-Watcher Skymax-127 Maksutov-Cassegrain Telescope is a suitable one for carrying and makes it best for the celestial observation. The highlights and the technical details are discussed in the following review.


This model has a refreshed look of most models in this category. Sky-Watcher Skymax-127 Equatorial Telescope comes with the combination of white and black colour. It is designed with the Maksutov-Cassegrain type which brings in the compactness making it possible to carry it anywhere. This powerful device is packed in the compact structure. It works with the maximum contrast and sharpness of images. The complimenting aspect is the standard tripod and an efficient mount.

Technical Details:

Magnification – The highest practical power is 254x and with the supplied eye piece gives the added magnification of 60x and 150x. With this magnification it is possible to apply for the detailed celestial observation at the beginner to the intermediate levels.

Aperture – The size of the objective lens is 127mm this makes up for the light gathering effect. This scope works with better brightness than the model with lower lens size. Whether it is used for the celestial or the terrestrial observation the higher the aperture the better will be the viewing experience.

Lens Technology – This model has the ability to give high resolution and better sharpness of the viewing images. The lens is fully multi-coated which improves the contrast and the image sharpness. The focuser gets improved view which is pleasing without any internal baffles.

Focal lens and Ratio – The focal length is 1500mm which is the distance between the eyepiece and the lens. This defines the size of the telescope which in this case is compact and easy for transport. The focal ratio is 11.81 that is again a supportive specification for the brighter images.

These technical details help to make the rings of Saturn appear clear, the turning of moon and the star clusters as well.

Other Product Features:

Having been equipped with the Red Dot finder scope spotting the desired image and following it is easy. It also has a star diagonal which measures 1.25”/31.7mm. The mount provided with this scope is highly efficient which belongs to the upgraded Equatorial type with EQ3-2 Deluxe mount.

The presence of the built-in Polar Alignment scope holder and the aluminium tripod adds to the convenience of using. The tripod does have an accessory tray which supports during the busy observation.

Overall, for some reasons Sky-Watcher Skymax-127 Maksutov-Cassegrain Compact Telescope does not take the top line for the professional users but does a great job for the beginners. It needs to understand that it feels noticeably compact which is best for the travel purpose. Be it the celestial or the terrestrial observation it makes a perfect companion.

Technical Specifications

Manufacturer Sky-Watcher
Model Name Skymax-127 Maksutov-Cassegrain Telescope
Telescope Type Maksutov-Cassegrain
Aperture 127 mm
Focal length 1500 mm
Focal ratio F/11.81
Eyepieces 10mm and 25mm
Highest Useful Magnification 254x
Star diagonal 1.25”/31.7mm
Tripod Yes
Mount EQ3-2 Deluxe Equatorial Mount
Finder scope Red Dot
Focus By moving primary mirror
Accessory tray Yes
Application Celestial