Bresser Galaxia Astronomical Telescope

Bresser Galaxia Astro Telescope can be seen exuding its sheer class by launching out as an innovation of the pioneer manufacturer Bresser. Bresser Galaxia Reflector Astro Telescope is embedded with reflector technology in which mirrors are used to function. They are used for both terrestrial and non terrestrial applications and are best suited for Astronomical purposes. With holding its utilities this model proves good for moon, planets and Nebula observers. Naturist and the land observers also prefer this model for its efficiency.

Bresser Galaxia Equatorial Mount Astro Telescope works on equatorial mount, it not only sets you hands free but it shows the motion of the star and planets across the sky with a clear definition. However it also withstands the rotation of the earth which does not matter to the equatorial mount. It has a tripod constructed in stainless steel. The led finder scope is very user friendly and suits best for the beginners.

The 114 mm aperture and the magnificent ability of 228 x let you to enjoy the galaxy. The Barlow lens doubles the fun by doubling the magnification with a 2x lens. The includes kellner eyepiece are K-25 (25x), K-6 (150x). The focal length and the focal ratio of this model are 900 mm and 1:8.

Whether you are on look out for the best quality Nebulae or the craters of the moon or the movements of the stars this 2kg, Bresser Galaxia Astronomical Telescope could take you to heights of excitement. Your dream to look at the galaxy is right in your hands with no requirement of installation, got to just gather the telescope, kellner eyepieces, and the mount. With the help of led finder, moon filter and the Barlow lens you reach the destination of the dream.

What is included with this model is that it has a completely indigenous telescope, equatorial mount, tripod, led finder scope; eye pieces, Barlow lens and moon filter together with a 2 year warranty provided by the manufacturer

Bresser Galaxia Astronomical Telescope – Specification Details

Make Bresser
Model Name Galaxia Astro Telescope
Telescope type Reflector
Magnification 225 x
Focal length 900 mm
Focal ratio 1 : 8
Aperture 114 mm
Eye piece K-25 (25x), K-6 (150x)
Objective lens diameter 70 mm
Weight 2 kg
Mount equatorial
Barlow lens 2 x
Software Astro software
Warranty 2 years

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  1. Melvin says:

    I am both fond of celestial and terrestrial happenings so got this after long research. Not a bad one, I get struck with it always and that builds the curiousness in the minds of people around. How fascinating it is to have a close up view of the far off objects. Thanks to the invention. I now have the power to reach out to the horizons easily.
    Worth spending on it.

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