Tasco 30060402 Novice 402x60mm Telescope

The technology in the telescopes has undergone immense changes and has come out with better efficiency and functionality. Tasco is one such brand in the optical products that offers exceptional products with great value in quality and style. It makes it possible for the user to travel into the space and return back when desired. The telescopes offered by this brand belong to the product families of Space station, Novice and Specialty. All of these series are specialised in the own way to give products right from beginners to the professionals.

Model Overview:

For those who look for a typical Refractor Telescope device with the design so unique and perfect for the beginners them your search destination could of course be here. Tasco Novice 402x60mm Refractive Telescope cannot be called a sportive model based on its colour but makes a different appearance with its Metallic Turquoise finish. This is one great reason for the model to attract many eyes. Quite moderate in weight with about 4.5 kg that can be handled without any extra hands. It is also a great product to be displayed in the living room.

Tasco 30060402 Novice 402x60mm Telescope


Categorised with the Refractor type of telescope this product takes the form of being slim and long. As a Refractor it is been designed with the large objective lens to collect light for the device, the inventor of this Refractor telescope Galileo keeps this technology competitive for the bright, high-quality images that are been transformed with good resolution.

Aperture and Magnification:

These are the factors that determine the application and the ability of the telescope. At the outset they define the model in the model name or the model number. Tasco 30060402 402x60mm Celestial Telescope is a starter telescope that comes with comes with the magnification of 402x. In terms of laymen it is actually the power of getting you closer by 402 times or the image is enlarged to vision that many times. However, the fact is that the higher the value the better will be the magnification power. Getting you to understand the celestial objects that include the planets, star formations, nebulae and the Lunar is possible with this product.  Considering the aperture is a lens that is located at the other end of the eyepiece. This performs to make the viewing image brighter and clearer.

Other technical specifies:

  • Finder scope – This is an attachment to the device that is set by aliening to the axis of the optical. This functions to locate the desired objects in the puzzled sky.
  • Moon Filter – Another addition to this model to enhance the contrast levels by removing the glare during the observation.
  • Alt-azimuth Mount – The most commonly used sturdy mount that allows you to adjust all ways and holds the device firmly for continuous observation.
  • Eye piece / Barlow lens – This is the lens that is close to the eye that helps to view clearer image with better magnification. The available eye piece are 25mm, 12.5mm and 4mm. available in Tasco Novice 402x60mm Alt-azimuth Mount Telescope is a 2x Barlow lens that is been fixed before the eyepiece to multiply the power of the eye piece.

It is been a great boon for the beginners and hobby astronomers to make use of this feature packed telescope. Looking into the galaxy to see brighter, clearer and crispier objects in such an easy to use model is definitely a stunning experience. All the more it is also an easy to own model.

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Tasco 30060402 402x60mm Refractor Telescope – Technical Specifications

Manufacturer Tasco
Model Name Tasco Novice 402x60mm Telescope
Model Number 30060402
Telescope Type Refractor
Magnification 402x
Application Celestial and terrestrial
Finder scope 6x24mm
Aperture 60 mm
Eye piece 25mm, 12.5mm and 4mm
Mount Altazimuth
Finish Metallic Turquoise
Tripod Aluminium
Focal ratio F/13
Focal length 700 mm
Barlow 2x
Weight 10 lbs / 4.5 kg
Included accessories Diagonal and Moon filter

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2 Responses to “Tasco 30060402 Novice 402x60mm Telescope”

  1. David says:

    I own one of the Tasco Novice 402 Power Refractor Telescopes, model #30-060402. However I am having all sorts of problems trying to get the Telescope to function properly. At night when I try to look at the moon [like recently when the moon was close to earth], I just cannot get a clear view of the moon. Also, the hazy view I do get is actually upside down!! Why on earth is this ? The same is true of the Finder Scope, i.e. hazy and the image is upside down. What to do about this ? In the last few days when the moon was big and bright, I just couldn’t focus on it at all, I see plenty of light but the image is just so blurry it is hard to know what I’m looking at. Is there something wrong ? Maybe I’m not assembling the Telescope correctly. or perhaps using the wrong eye-pieces at the wrong time. Whatever I do and whatever combinations of lenses I use, the end result is always the same, blurry and upside down. During the day, the image is clear and bright, but it is still upside down.

    Please help. I feel very disappointed at missing the opportunity to view the moon these last few days, but if you can help me fix the problem, then I can look forward to viewing other Astral Events in the future.

  2. Mirko says:

    I am experiencing exactly the same thing. Everything I look at is blurry. I got my 30-060402 several days ago and was not able to use it at all. We either did not assemble properly or it is faulty unit. Did you figure out what was the problem?

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