Latest Reviews for the Bresser Telescopes

Bresser Arcturus 60/700 AZ Telescope Review

Bresser has been always offering the best to its customers. They intend to deliver products of high value and high functionality. Their products express high spirit of performance while its products cater from those that serve the beginners to the advanced level of users. One of its model is Bresser Arcturus 60/700 AZ Telescope which [...]

Bresser Messier PN-203/800 Exos 2 Telescope

This model is one that is in the top line of its brand which is been designed for the user of intermediate level. Telescopes being the interesting innovation to view far off objects say even those in the dark sky. They are determined based on the technical and the technology for its effectiveness. Understanding the [...]

Bresser Junior 50/600mm Telescope Review

Bresser products are distributed widely and they are categories into different optical products which prove them to be a pioneer in the field of magnification. Among the many advanced and state of art models this model adds to its range making it suitable for the beginners and the price conscious observers. It is a great [...]

Bresser Messier R90 Refractor Telescope

Bresser Messier R90 Refractor Telescope is among the one that can be set up right out of the box for the immediate observation. It is an easy to install and use model. Perfect with all the must have features it turns to be the one that is been desired right from the beginners to the [...]