Bresser Messier R90 Refractor Telescope

Bresser Messier R90 Refractor Telescope is among the one that can be set up right out of the box for the immediate observation. It is an easy to install and use model. Perfect with all the must have features it turns to be the one that is been desired right from the beginners to the intermediate level users. Bresser has given this product an attractive sense of designing with white colour finish. Here comes a brief review of the product and its performance.

Type: This model belongs to the refractor type that has been designed to function with the help of the mirrors rather than the lens. It rests sturdy on the tripod and the mount is highly functional. In most cases the users of various field own this model, be it the researcher, analyst, student, astronomy enthusiast. Its capability to penetrate the dark and scary sky states its utility.

Bresser Messier R90 Refractor Telescope

Aperture: With the 90mm objective lens diameter, that is the reason behind brighter images. It is true with the bringing the images to vision with the multiple times brightness. Sometimes it is as if you would not know that the object is in the deep dark sky. It definitely thrills the first time and every time.

Magnification: This is where the density of the performance of the device lies. Bresser Messier R90 White Colour Telescope offers magnification of 200x that looks like the object can be viewed this time closer than it is actually present.

Focal length: The 900mm focal length makes this model. This is what the length of the tube measures and where in, the image transmission takes place. Obviously the ability of the viewing distance is been based on the focal length.

Finder scope: This is where the locating of the celestial objects can be done easily. When the user sets on this finder scope of 6×30, can be sure to locate the objects and follow it as desired.

Eyepiece: Available in Bresser Messier R-90 Equatorial Mount Telescope are the eyepiece of 25 mm, 12.5mm, 10 mm. With the options of the eyepiece that enhances the magnification the user can decide the selection of the eyepiece. It so happened that when the alignment of star observation was been targeted, if the eyepiece of 12mm was selected and the required observation was not obtained then it can be switched to the other eyepiece of 25mm or the 10mm.

Tripod and Mount: The best supporter for the long-term observation is the tripod that holds the telescope in the sturdy manner. The mount that belongs to the Equatorial type does a great job for locating and focusing the celestial objects. It also sets the hands free letting it do the other jobs like taking down the notes or making the required adjustments.

Package contents: The various accessories that come inclusive on purchase of this product are Finder scope, Plossl eyepieces, 3x Barlow lens and Star diagonal.

Bresser Messier R90 Telescope – Technical Specification Details

Manufacturer/Brand Bresser
Model Name Messier R90 Refractor Telescope
Telescope Type Refractor
Magnification 200x
Focal length 900 mm
Finder scope 6×30
Aperture 90 mm
Eye piece 25 mm, 12.5mm, 10 mm
Mount Equatorial
Tripod Yes
Astro photography No
Weight 1225 grams
Package contents Finderscope
Plossl eyepieces
3x Barlow lens
Star diagonal

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  1. Alistair Stewart says:

    I own this telescope and I can’t get anything in any near sharp focus except the moon.

    I wanted to see the moons round Jupiter and now I’m so disappointed I trying to sell it.

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