Bushnell 114×500 Discoverer Telescope

Bushnell can be rightly called as the outdoor experts, recognised as a manufacturer of efficient precision optics and outdoor technologies for more than half a century. This makes them hold a prominent place in the competitive world today.

Bushnell 114mmx500mm Discoverer starfinder Telescope gives a real breath taking experience when penetrated through the deep sky and it is true to the name ‘Discoverer’. This telescope features with many amazing and easy to go functions that suits best for the beginners. Goes special with the talking headset embedded in this Discoverer Telescope which is a real voice output as it uses the human voice to take a tour of the galaxy. Though small in size the pre programmed library is more focused to the important objects which are very handy to ready to go.

Bushnell 114×500 Discoverer Reflector Telescope consists of all the must have features of a well performing telescope and falling in line is the finderscope. The finderscope here is a red dot LED which helps locate the objects quicker. The latest and new type of rotating eye piece permits to share a look through without changing the position of the telescope and even the focus is said to be same. The accuracy of viewing is so perfect a fine with the various adjustments available in the package.

This Reflector Telescope comes with an easy pre-assembled construction which lets the observation without the trouble of assembling. Along with the made available aluminium tripod which is adjustable and sturdy the viewing can go for long hours without interruption. The mount present here is Kinematic mount which allows the easy positioning and adjustment.

Technical details

  • Bushnell 114×500 Discoverer Red Dot LED Finderscope Telescope belongs to Reflector type of construction.
  • The magnification ability has been stated as 325 or 125 based on the eyepiece used.
  • Gives a long aperture of 114mm with a focal length of 500 mm and hence it allows to go deep into the sky and sometimes gives a feeling that sky is not the limit.
  • The eyepieces found are 20mm and 4 mm the craters of the moon, the nebula and most of the rarest bodies can be identified.

The challenges of the beginners and the enthusiast can withstand with its life time warranty given by the manufacturer.

Bushnell 114×500 Discoverer Telescope – Technical Specification Details

Manufacturer Bushnell
Model Name 114×500 Discoverer Telescope
Telescope Type Reflector
Magnification 325, 125
Focal length 500 mm
Finder scope Red dot LED
Aperture 114 mm
Eye piece 20 mm, 4 mm
Mount Kinematic
Tripod Aluminium made adjustable
Warranty Life time

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  1. Ashley says:

    Knowing about my interest in Astronomy, one of my friends suggested me this Discoverer telescope which didn’t fail to amaze me now. The magnification and clarity has kindled my interest in watching stars more and more….. It’s a perfect piece for a starter.

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