Bushnell Northstar 675×4.5″ Telescope Review

Bushnell Northstar 675×4.5″ GOTO Reflector Telescope (Model No: 78-8846)

Company: Bushnell

The company with more than 50 years of experience seems well versed in optical solutions. It has done remarkable achievement in the field of magnification. The telescope inventions come under many categories based on their types.

Product: Bushnell Northstar 675×4.5 Telescope

This Telescope belongs to the Northstar series of Bushnell Telescopes.


  • Bushnell Northstar 675×4.5 Reflector Telescope has been designed with the efficiency to study the celestial bodies with better description.
  • With the large aperture it has better light gathering ability and produces brighter and clearer vision.
  • More suitable for intermediary levels as it gives all the necessary additions to support the observation.
  • Viewing in an all together night sky is possible as it has the ability to gather the star light and give way to view the moon, Saturn, star clusters and sometimes the dim vision of Pluto too.


  • Bushnell Northstar 675×4.5 Finderscope Telescope belongs to the reflector type of construction which primarily uses mirror to reflect the light and also commonly known as the Newtonian reflector.
  • The focal length of this telescope is 900mm.
  • It gives the magnification of 45x, 135x, 225x, 675x and although it shows high magnification effect the telescope does not look bulky.
  • The eyepiece found in this model are 4mm, 20mm which helps to provide wider field of view and also brighten the image and makes it possible to view the full moon and planets together with the star formations.
  • The mount belongs to the type kinematic which is easy to maneuver and assists well for the first time users too. This precise mount features with three points of contact in both horizontal and vertical planes.
  • Also comes with the Barlow lens which increases the power by factor.


  • This model has been powered with a finderscope which is a red dot LED type and it helps to locate the objects easily.
  • Real voice output which an additional feature which describes the night sky in the touch of a button and it is in real human voice. It is a very interactive way to explore the sky above.
  • Found in Bushnell Northstar 675×4.5 Kinematic Mount Telescope is the “Go To” computerized star locator which with an on board computer quickly locates and automatically spots about 20000 pre programmed celestial objects with never imagined speed.
  • Remote control access is available in this Telescope which even allows moving the access of viewing.
  • It is compatible to astrophotography and capable of producing images with many details.
  • It also includes a quick release tripod and an accessory tray for fast and easy assembling.

This model with the best in feature seems much more appealing with the lifetime warranty given by the manufacturer.

Bushnell Northstar 675×4.5″ Telescope 788846 – Technical Specification Table

Manufacturer Bushnell
Model Name Northstar 675×4.5 Telescope
Telescope Type Reflector
Magnification 45x, 135x, 225x, 675x
Focal length 900 mm
Eye piece 4mm, 20mm
Mount Kinematic mount
Tripod Yes
Finder scope Red dot LED
User level Beginner, Intermediary
Application Exploring night sky
Barlow lens Yes
Go To Computerized tracking Yes
Astrophotography Yes
Remote control Yes
Built-in database Yes
Warranty Lifetime

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  1. Luis Orozco says:

    Hi, I own this telescope, and it is very useful to have the kinematic mount I really liked it, however, I have taken an interest in astro photography, and this mount is not suited as it will not hold the weith of my camera… I wanted to ask if the mount can be replaced with an Altaz mount that can support the camera? I’m not sure if t will be possible, any help is really appreciated!

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