Celestron CGE 800 (XLT) Computerized Astronomical Telescope

Celestron is an experience rich company in the field of optical products. Its growth has been steadily increasing till 1980 the time when the ownership had changed. From that date its growth sped fast with competitive products in the range of CGE series, Sky scout etc. Celestron CGE 800 (XLT) Computerized Telescope is a trendy, sleek and elegant product of Celestron.

This telescope has been constructed with key features like

  • Portability – they are removable and easy to assemble, a smaller looking telescope with easy to carry components.
  • Stability – highly stable with the German Equatorial mounts placed over the tripod. Adjustable to a height of 50″. Sturdy and performing to impress the user.
  • Balance – the CGE equatorial mounts easily balances in both axes even with the added accessories of the telescope.
  • Clearance – the CGE mount supports the tubes at a single point of contact without disturbing its moves in its axis. This is useful for photography solutions.

Celestron CGE 800 (XLT) Computerized Schmidt-Cassegrain Telescope comes with the optical design of Schmidt-Cassegrain which uses both the mirror and lens technology. The aperture of this telescope is 200 mm which provides a greater light gathering capacity and together with its magnification power of 81x clearer and brighter images of the far off objects can be obtained. Also embedded with a longer focal length of 2032mm the performance of viewing the Saturn rings, surface of moon, mars and the far off planets like Neptune and Pluto are at your reach for observation.

  • Celestron CGE 800 (XLT) Computerized starbright XLT optical coating Telescope clearly defines a finderscope of 6×30 to help locate the object easily.
  • The computerized equatorial mount makes a difference for both celestial and terrestrial viewing and exposure to photography for long time.
  • The best optical tube for outdoor is the aluminium which is the kind in this telescope.
  • The three legged carbon steel tripod enhances its stability and also made adjustable with height and angle.
  • Designed with starbright XLT optical coating which is a unique multi layer mirror coated, anti-reflective and high transmission white glass makes this telescope popular.
  • Updated with the database of 40,000+ objects, 400 user defined programmable objects with information about over 200 objects for instant access and study. It includes the deep sky objects, solar system, asterisms and variable stars.
  • Makes the operation easy with Double line, 16-character Liquid Crystal Display with Hand Control and backlit LED buttons.

This telescope comes with a manufacturer warranty of 2 years.

CGE 800 (XLT) Astro Photograhpy Telescope – Technical Details

Manufacturer Celestron
Model Name CGE 800 (XLT) Computerized
Telescope Type Schmidt-Cassegrain
Magnification 81x
Focal length 2032 mm / 80 inch
Focal ratio 10.16
Aperture 200 mm
Eye piece 25 mm
Optical coating Star bright XLT coating
Tripod Carbon steel and adjustable
Warranty 2 years
Mount Computerized equatorial
Finderscope 6×30

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    An uncompromised quality of image reproduction with a remarkable photographic ability turns me on… trekking with this telescope loads me with joy.

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