Celestron PowerSeeker 76 AZ Telescope

Celestron sets of new heights with its urge to excel and achieve, the PowerSeeker series being the latest and new release by the brand is another reason of success of the company. These telescopes are a power packed equipment with quality and features to amaze any new entrant or the professional astronomer. They introduced their new model from Poweseeker series – Celestron PowerSeeker 76 AZ Telescope in the year 2008.

  • Celestron PowerSeeker 76 AZ Telescope belongs to the special design of Newtonian Reflector which uses the concave mirror technology. They are best suited for astronomical use and are capable of producing images free from colour aberration.
  • This celestron telescope has an aperture of 76mm which states the light gathering capacity and all the stars, moon, Nebula and inner sky can be visualized with enhanced brightness.
  • Celestron PowerSeeker 76 AZ FinderScope Telescope comes with 2 eyepiece of 20mm and 4 mm with the magnification of 35x and 175x respectively. The ability to change the eyepiece makes the model suitable for different purposes.
  • When the planet requires more magnification and clarity the Barlow lens can be used. The Barlow lens provided with this telescope is 3x which has the ability to magnify 3 times. Wonders can work if you have to view the faintest view of the planet Pluto.
  • Finderscope is a tool used to locate the object easily. 5×24 Finderscope that comes with this unit can be used to locate and center the object for viewing.
  • The telescope is supported with the Altazimuth mount which gives the adjustable option in the side ways of left and right movement. Together with it is the Aluminium tripod which is 3 legged to give maximum support and stability for the telescope. The tripod and the accessory tray are pre assembled which gives the flexibility for instant viewing.
  • Weighing 6.35kg it shows its feature for compactness and easy mobility. The optical tube length is 685.8mm and the optical coating is made of aluminium.

Celestron PowerSeeker 76 AZ Astronomy Telescope comes with the manufacturer warranty for 2 years and the package included are the CD-Rom with “The Sky” Astronomy software.

Celestron PowerSeeker 76 AZ Telescope – Features & Technical Specifications

Manufacturer Celestron
Model Name PowerSeeker 76 AZ Telescope
Telescope Type Newtonian Reflector
Magnification 35x, 175x
Focal length 700mm
Focal ratio 9.21
Aperture 76mm
Eye pieces 20mm, 4mm
Mount Altazimuth
Weight 6.35 kg
Tripod Aluminium
FinderScope 5×24
Barlow lens 3x
Optical tube length 685.8 mm
Warranty 2 years

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3 Responses to “Celestron PowerSeeker 76 AZ Telescope”

  1. Chuck says:

    At the outset it has nothing particularly bad and not so good either. Looks just the common one available in the market. I settled for this mainly because it has all the must have features and the required accessories. Looks also trouble free with the warranty provided. This is basically for joint use with my bro and more often he compliments and I criticize. May be its worth paying for this well balanced product.

  2. margaret mchugh says:

    Brought a celestron powerseeker 76az telescope before christmas as a present unfortunately it had no instructions or cd rom. went back to the store to see what they could do and they suggested that i try on line. as things stand the telescope is useless.

  3. Devang gandhi says:

    Bought this telescope a while back and haven’t had the chance to use this as weather has been terrible here in the Uk. But it’s clearing now and with ISS visible for over 4 mins pretty much every night I tried using the telescope. However I having trouble locating objects through the eye piece. I set the object using the finderscope in the middle of the crosshairs but nothing appears in the eye piece. At first at assumed my lack of experience viewing smaller stars and planet might the reason. But the same problem happens while viewin the moon. I have to set the moon towards the top left hand corner of the finder scope to be able to view the moon in the eye piece. Please advise how to fix this. Also I was wondering what the Lens labels h15 does?

    Very impressed by this telescope. The view of the moon I managed was just magnificent.

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