Celestron NexStar 4SE Computerised Telescope

Overview: Celestron NexStar 4SE Computerised Telescope from the makers of the well-known brand comes in the forefront of the market as one of the best selling product of 2009. At the outset, it belongs to the Maksutov-Cassegrain type of optics and is made to be suitable for general observation and photographing. This is a portable model and it does prove to be ultra portable in its dimension and weight. The insight of the model and the review of the same can be obtained in the further read.

Design Overview: This Celestron 11049 Computerised Telescope belongs to the 4″ Maksutov-Cassegrain type of construction. Designed with the orange colour tube adds to it looks. The lens is multi-coated and does come with the finderscope. It has a quick release fork arm mount, the optical tube and the accessory tray. It is been operated through the battery power and the internal battery compartment eliminates the cord warp during its functioning. The length of the optical tube is 342.9mm and it weights 4.99kg, when it is included with the tripod and the mount it weighs an extra of 4.54kg.

Celestron 11049 NexStar 4SE Computerised Telescope

Technical details: Technically Celestron NexStar 4SE Maksutov-Cassegrain Telescope offers a professional observation together with the photography features. The aperture is 102mm, which is the measurement of the lens. It works well to transform better lighting to the viewing objects and is a sure night sky observer. With the focal length and the focal ratio of 1325mm and 12.99 respectively, it makes the image look larger and offers a smaller field of view. The highest and the lowest useful magnification 241x and 15x respectively.

Other specialties:

Lens coating – This Telescope is been embedded with the lens that has an exclusive coating of StarBright XLT, this comes with many features that performs well in observation. It features with the multi-layer anti-reflexive coating that offers clear and brighter images. It also has high transformation of water white glass making it looks as crystal clear.
Finder scope – This device comes with the Star finder, which is been mounted on the telescope and helps to locate the objects. In this type, it comes with cross hairs to help in locating the objects.
Mount – The mount provided with this device is the single fork arm altazimuth type, this is a simplest form that offers up and down movement for the adjustment. It is be equipped with the slow motion controls that make the adjustment more precise.
Tripod – The tripod that acts as a platform to mount the device has two legs that can be adjusted by height and can be spread out to the maximum. The tripod of Celestron NexStar 4SE Celestrial Telescope is steel made with built-in wedge.
Computerised mount – About 40000 objects database with 200 user definable objects are readily available for the viewing. It comes with the sky align that makes the aliening on the 3 bright celestial objects fast and easy. It comes with the flash upgradeable hand control software and the motor control units that help in downloading the latest from the internet. It does include the camera control for its remote operations. The display is of type that is with double line, 16 characters LCD with 19 fiber optic backlit LED buttons. All these put together it serves best and proves its worth for the price.

Warranty: Celestron two-year limited warranty is available for this product.

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Celestron 11049 NexStar 4SE Telescope – Technical Specification Table

Manufacturer Celestron
Model Name NexStar 4SE Computerised Telescope
Model Number 11049
Optical design Maksutov-Cassegrain
Magnification 241 x
Focal length 1325 mm
Focal ratio 12.99
Aperture 102 mm
Eye piece 25 mm
Optical coating Star bright XLT Coating
Tripod Steel with built-in wedge
Optical tube Aluminium
Mount Single fork arm Altazimuth
Optical tube / Telescope weight 342.9 mm / 4.99 kg
Finder scope Star pointer
Power supply 8-AA batteries
Highest/lowest Useful Magnification 241x / 15x
Light gathering power 212x
Linear field of view at 1000 yards 53 feet / 16.15 m
Alignment procedure Star align, Solar System Align, Auto 2-star alien, 1-star alien
Motor drive Integrated D.C. Electronics
Database 38181 accessible objects
Computer hand control Double line, 16 character LCD with 19 fiber
optic backlit LED buttons
Warranty 2 years

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