Coronado Personal Solar Telescope Review

Coronado, although not a fully dedicated in telescope manufacturing it is famous for manufacturing narrow band filters for optics. They are fundamentally for use to view the sun safely. Functioning in its pace for over 4 decades the brand also produces telescopes with this feature. Coronado Personal Solar Telescope is one such combination of both the Coronado filter and the Coronado telescope which is specifically used to view the sun.

Viewing sun may sound challenging and exigent. Understanding the best way to view the sun is by segregating the hydrogen-alpha wave length at 656.3nm and removing all types of light emitted by the sun, Coronado Personal Solar Refractor Telescope has been engineered by this strategy to give viewers the ultimate result. By this method it enables to view even the chromospheres which are just above the photosphere.

This Telescope being the specialised ‘H-alpha’ solar telescope brings to being the prominences, flares, filaments, plages and the other solar details. With weight of 3lbs it can be called small telescope to suit small mount or the tripod used for cameras. The compact 40mm refractor telescope is been constructed with a special filter called “etalon” and the internal blocking filters together removes all the harmful rays of the sun and passes only white light for safe viewing.

Getting hold of the sun finder window located near the eyepiece supports to locate the sun in no time. The eyepiece supplied of 20mm gives the full disk view additionally with the focusing knob allows to tune the contrast level as desired.

Coronado PST Compact Telescope is best suited for beginners for the use of astronomy. Comforted with 1 year warranty and includes a foam lined carrying case with no extra cost.

Coronado Personal Solar Telescope – Technical Specification Table

Manufacturer Coronado
Model Name Personal Solar Telescope (PST)
Telescope type Refractor
Magnification 80x
Focal length 400 mm
Focal ratio f/10.0
Aperture 40mm
Eye piece 20 mm
Tripod Aluminium
Warranty 1 year
Mount Optical tube without mount
Finderscope No
Accessories included Foam lined carrying case
Use Astronomy for beginners
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  1. Anthrik says:

    Hi, it’s so cool and easy to set up. Took me less than a minute to start the viewing. Rightly designed to view the sun. To my surprise I was able to see the flares and filaments of the sun and all this with the protection from the harmful rays. Yeah! It seems to be better than expected. What a cool addition to my fun? Thanks, thanks and thanks again

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