Orion Optics Dobsonian OD300 L Telescope

Orion optics, a UK based company has a culture of technological innovation of optic products. Orion product portfolio encompasses the complete range of optical products and provides the end users higher end performance and satisfaction with competitive price points. OD 300 L f5.3 Dobsonian telescope is no exception of the brand’s quality.

Orion Optics Dobsonian OD300 L Celestial Telescope is an attractive option for all observers within the aperture of 300 mm. OD 300 L f5.3 Dobsonian belongs to the dobsonian series. Weighing 30 kgs on total which includes the tube weight of 17kg makes it comfortable to transport in a car. The dimension of the model runs with the tube diameter of 326mm and the tube length of 1540 mm. However the mount is collapsible to fit in small space.

The mount is made up of aluminium and PTFE bearing surface. An attractive hard polymer coating is found which makes it scratch resistant. It is a sturdy definition to with stand rough handling.

What is special goes the way of comfort levels. All your terrestrial and celestial observations with Orion dobsonian 300 L turns the scary sky and eventful land more adventurous and attractive. This Dosonians type telescope has the ability to just drop the tube to the mounts and it is all set for observation. This easy and quick mounting can also be added with equipments like the eyepiece; finders, cameras etc. in that case the tube automatically balances the weight and the swing can be avoided. The focus can be improved by just rotating the tube and can be controlled easily.

  • OD 300 L f5.3 Devonian Standard Coating Telescope has been embedded with optics of 1/4PV with standard coatings.
  • The finder measures 30mm and the eyepiece is of Plossl with 25mm.
  • OD 300 L f5.3 Dobsonian has been engineered with the focal length of 1600mm in a focal ratio of f5.3.

Orion Optics Dobsonian OD300 L Telescope – Technical Specification Table

Brand Orion Optics
Model Name OD300 L
Telescope Type Refractor
Focal length 1600 mm
Focal ratio 5.3
Aperture 300 mm
Eye piece 25 mm
Tube Diameter 326 mm
Tube Length 1540 mm
Optical coating Standard
Weight 30 kg
Mount Dobsonian

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  1. Adon says:

    I am an astronomer at the intermediary level and so I got this. All what I view was pretty much clear and setting up to view the target object is also as easy as a walk through. May be I should say it look bulky but it does not matter when other things matter.I can easily focus by just rotating the tube and it’s a cool access as the trouble of handling various knobs are no present. I can say no other model but for this will give you such an easy and quick mounting. Very much pleased with this!

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