Latest Reviews for the Konus Telescopes

Konus 1781 Konusmotor-500 114/500 Telescope Review

Konus, the international brand innovate a broad range of optical products and each of it has its own identity which is been supported by the perfect merchandising. Among the many optical products telescopes take the prime position with its speckled options for different use. Konus 1781 Konusmotor-500 114/500 Newtonian Telescope is a distinctive device with [...]

Konus KonusMotor-130 Telescope Reviews

Model Overview: Konus 1786 KonusMotor-130 Telescope is been designed with exclusivity, the maker of this product offers a triple advantage to it that makes it distinguished from the many range of telescopes. Konus proves its stand in this market by introducing this model with the distinctive optical quality and the mechanical ability, all for obtaining [...]

Konus 1731 Konuspace-5 Telescope Review

1731- for the dual purpose of astronomical and terrestrial Observation by Konus Konus – the worldwide brand has made sure to offer wide range of magnification products that includes telescopes. At the forefront Konus 1731 Konuspace-5 Telescope is been designed to suit the requirement of both the land and sky observations. An astronomy enthusiast with [...]

Konus Motormax-90 Telescope Review

Konus – the manufacturer of optical products is just not a brand that enjoys unchallenging position worldwide. After the innovation of a successful product the company does not lay back but with the spirit of making things better it works to achieve more milestones. Konus Motormax 90 Telescope also comes under its success line of [...]

KONUS 1741 Konustart-900 Telescope Review

Brand: KONUS – the manufacturing company, incorporated during 1979 in Italy. In the business of manufacturing magnifying products ‘KONUS’ also stands competitive. They strive in its endeavour to provide comprehensive solutions to see life bigger than it is. Model: KONUS Konustart-900 Telescope Overview: This Refractor Telescope model serves best for celestial observation. It has a [...]