Latest Reviews for the Newtonian Telescopes

Tal 150P Newtonian Reflector Telescope Review

Tal has introduced various optical products that give magnification which are suitable for different application. Among them is this model which gives an intermediate level of use for the astronomers. It is been designed with the Russian design which gives high performance. The design is compact and portable which makes it handy in all ways. [...]

Bushnell Voyager Sky Tour 114mm Telescope Review

Among the many series that are been offered by Bushnell, Voyager series also forms the group. With the models of different power, Bushnell Voyager Sky Tour 114mm Telescope states to be the highest in this series. If you are in the intermediate level of demands and wish to own the stylish model this here you [...]

Tal 120 4.75 inch Newtonian Reflector Telescope

This scope is from the best Russian manufacturer that is been marketed throughout the globe. Tal 120 4.75 inch Newtonian Reflector Telescope specialises in the lens quality that is an integral multi-coated negative achromatic lens embedded in a short tube. Popular is this product for the general celestial observation and this mid range of model [...]

Orion CT8 Ultra Newtonian Telescope Review

Orion introduces wide range of models in telescope that caters in different series. Orion CT8 Ultra Newtonian Telescope belongs to the ‘CT Range’ of products that are been designed with the Newtonian technology. Many special features are common to all the models of this series although they vary in power and technical aspects. Outstanding Design: [...]

Konus Konusky-200 Newtonian Telescope Review

With a humble beginning, the brand ‘Konus’ has now grown to be a global leader. Its innovation and the uniqueness have made it achieve the heights. In an interesting, attraction and highly functional manner the brand has put efforts that has been well spoken in the magnification segment. Brand: Konus Konusky-200 Motor 1793 Telescope is [...]