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Orion SPX 200 f4.5 Telescope Review

Imagine the time when the first glimpse of the space through the early scopes was made and the time now, the travel has met many inventions and had made it possible to find out more about the space even beyond our planet. When you think of astronauts who had a space walk in the weightless [...]

Orion SPX 250 f4.8 Telescope Review

Model: Orion SPX 250 f4.8 Telescope belongs to the SPX series of the brand. The company has a noteworthy strength of product innovation that is been to the expectation of the customers. It laid its hands in the field of magnification for years that had made them expertise in both design and technology. A grand [...]

Orion Europa 250 f4.8 De-Luxe Telescope

Highlights This telescope is the best of the models in the series of Europa and it is a 10 inch model. Consists of Hi-Lux coating which is the high reflectivity coating. Uses Vixen`s sturdy GPE mount. Belongs to the Newtonian type which is the reflector type of telescope. Cranford focuser with 31.7mm adapter Finder scope [...]