Tasco 114x900mm Reflector EQ Telescopes

Instituted way back before 50 years, Tasco spend its growth in optical solutions. After an intensive research the products of Tasco comes to being as an ultimate solution for its customers. Tasco Spacestation 114x900mm Reflector EQ Telescope being true to its brand comes with traits of precision.

Well suited for the beginners and intermediaries this telescope belongs to the reflector type.

  • Suitable for celestial observation which can get in view the deep sky, the moon, nebula, cloud bands, Saturn rings countless stars and its groupings.
  • With the magnification of 675 times together with the aperture of 114mm the clarity of the object is visible with enough light for observation.
  • The focal length and the focal ratio of this telescope are 900 mm and f/7.9 respectively. This proves good when compared to the telescopes of its kind.
  • Tasco Spacestation 114x900mm Equatorial Mount Telescope consists of an equatorial mount which hold the telescope firmly even in the stormy outdoor.
  • The tripod made of aluminium is made available to give a hands free viewing yet at the desired height which can be adjusted.
  • The eye pieces included are 25mm, 10mm, 4mm to give an additional magnification of 36x, 90x and 225x respectively.
  • Tasco Spacestation 114x900mm Reflector EQ Celestial Telescope also features with finderscope of red dot star pointer – the LED electronic red dot assists in locating the object correctly in the cloudy night sky and tracks the object for view quickly.

The accessories included with this telescope at free of cost are 3x Barlow lens, moon map, moon filter, Tasco sky watch CD-ROM. This reflector telescope has a warranty of 2 years given by the manufacturer.

Tasco Spacestation 114x900mm Reflector Telescope – Specification, Features

Manufacturer Tasco
Model Name Spacestation 114x900mm Reflector EQ
Telescope Type Reflector Telescope
Magnification 675x
Focal length 900 mm
Focal ratio f/7.9
Aperture 114 mm
Eye piece 25 mm, 10 mm, 4 mm
Weight 14.5 kg
Mount Equatorial
Tripod Aluminium made adjustable
Finder scope Red dot star pointer
Accessories included 3x Barlow lens, moon map, moon filter, tasco sky watch CD-ROM
Warranty 2 years

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  1. Edmond says:

    After reading about space and stars from my nephew’s school book, I got interested in astronomy and purchased this space station telescope. It is spell bounding to view distant planets and stellar groups through this. The sleek, well finished body with the Aluminium tripod is a boon for the guys with astronomical interest. U should see it to believe it.

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