Latest Reviews for the Refractor Telescopes

Celestron Omni 102 XLT Refractor Telescope

A telescope is merely for the professional and serious astronomers who spend nights exploring the dark sky. Most times they are dumbstruck and astonished to share their experience. Telescopes are the greatest in power and they are at least 10 times better than the high end binoculars. This optical device is sure to amaze anybody [...]

Tasco Specialty 301051N 100x50mm Telescope Review

Tasco 100x50mm Specialty Telescope has been brought to the forefront of the magnifying industry as a piece of affordable telescope. Although it does not head even to the beginners, it has been attractively designed to suit children and match well for the purpose of gifting. Tasco, would deny if this Telescope is been just taken [...]

Sky-Watcher BK1025AZ3 Refractor Telescope Review

Sky-Watcher BK1025AZ3 Short-tube Refractor Telescope forms a part of the Short-tube Refractor series of the brand Sky-Watcher. With the consistent effort in designing and developing the products, all the models become a well-accepted one in the market. It stands to win the competition over the latest and the modern ones. Specially speaking this Short-tube Refractor [...]

Celestron Onyx 80EDF Refractor Telescope

Celestron, the brand well known for optical solutions has introduced much wide range of products which is one of the reasons for its far-fetched achievement and implausible recognition. Celestron Onyx 80EDF Telescope of the series Onyx is a well performing and has been known for with light weight. This Celestron Telescope belongs to the premium [...]

Celestron AstroMaster 90EQ Refractor Telescope

Celestron, the brand familiar large and wide around the world leads the technology world of optical solutions. Marching endlessly towards various technology concepts has brought in many computerized and non computerized products. The AstroMaster series is one among the various series invented by Celestron. Celestron AstroMaster 90EQ Telescope is a multi featured telescope which serves [...]