Latest Reviews for the Saxon Telescopes

Saxon 1149 EQ Reflector Telescope

Saxon 1149 EQ Reflector Telescope made of aluminium makes up the body structure and results in light weight construction. Saxon always follows a well surfaced principle and cuts into the steep competition with its distinguished products. This model is reviewed here to bring out more on the product specification and functionality. Overview: This model is [...]

Saxon 7035 TP Refractor Telescope

Saxon offers the widest range of optical products specially binoculars and telescopes. It gives a modern and sophisticated finish and massively loads on features that do a great job on both land and sky. They choose to recognise the customer needs which help them improve in the competition. Let us have a look at Saxon [...]

Saxon 705AZ3 Telescope Review

Saxon is a recognized optical brand which is committed to quality and diversity. The range of products includes binoculars, telescopes night vision scopes, magnifiers and related accessories. They give a perfect backup in the form of warranties and services. Let us take are look at one of its popular model Saxon 705AZ3 Astronomy Sky and [...]

Saxon 606R Astronomy Telescope

It is easy to begin the journey to become an astronomer with an efficient and well equipped device. Saxon the optical brand proudly introduces this model as an all in one solution for the amateur astronomer. It gives hands on for many features that are competitive with the high end models. More about Saxon 606R [...]

Saxon 1309 EQMS Reflector Telescope Review

Saxon the optical brand the maker of binoculars and telescopes has also brought in night vision scopes, magnifiers and related accessories. It makes sure that they product models for all requirements. Without the compromise in quality it aims to give the products in affordable prices. Giving the priority to the customer interest all its products [...]