Seben Navigator II 203-1000mm Reflector Telescope

Seben Telescopes, shows a success history and has been acknowledged all over the world. The company ensures all through the year livelihood of inventing numerous innovative products. Precisely Seben enriches the optical industry with its continuous introduction of products. Seben Navigator II 203-1000mm Reflector Telescope is a challenging product of Seben. This model is a class of its own worth to be in the hands of the professionals.

Seben Navigator II 203-1000mm celestial and terrestrial Telescope is not just another telescope but a very professional telescope which suits the most professional astronomers. Seben Navigator II 203-1000mm Reflector equatorial mount Telescope has a big aperture of 203mm and a focal length of 1000mm by which it is capable of enormous light gathering and making the images sharp with high contrast levels. They make the most for all serious observers and are capable of assisting for the life time. Astonishing to know that more than 5650000 stars are made visible which includes even the dullest of the stars.

Seben Navigator II 203-1000mm Telescope belongs to the reflector type. Guessing its capabilities almost all the deep sky objects are made visible. The whirlpool galaxy, omega nebula and many great star clusters come into being with this telescope. Other possibilities like the Jupiter’s cloud belt, surface of the moon, the red spot and ultimately till the Pluto which pictures faintly which most of the ordinary models does not perform Seben Navigator II 203-1000mm Reflector Telescope shows its description easily.

Seben Navigator II 203-1000mm Professional Astronomer Telescope also allows you for Astrophotography, motor fitting, using of filters with the help of the 1.25 inch accessory socket embedded in this telescope. Seben Navigator II 203-1000mm Reflector Telescope binds with an equatorial mount which acts as a pole finder that makes observing handier. Given a highly performing finder scope of 8×50 transmits more light and focuses the object more accurately. Seben Navigator II 203 -1000 mm Reflector Telescope does not leave it with that but facilitates with even terrestrial observation with its provided 1.25 inch eyepiece to view nature, birds and animals at a high resolution.

Technical, Specification Details of Seben Navigator II 203-1000mm Reflector Telescope

Manufacturer Seben
Model Name Navigator II 203-1000mm Reflector Telescope
Telescope Type Reflector Telescope
Magnification PL4 = 250x / PL10 = 100x / PL30 = 33, 33x
Focal length 1000mm
Focal ratio F/4.9
Aperture 203 mm
Eye piece 1.25 inch
Objective lens diameter 203mm
Weight 24 kg
Mount EQ8V
Finderscope Yes
Tripod Yes

5 Responses to “Seben Navigator II 203-1000mm Reflector Telescope”

  1. Wet says:

    Much better than the ordinary. Me as a professional astronomer find it very useful. Good with astrophotography.

  2. David says:

    Great telescope but finding it impossible (?) to get infomation about drive gears fo RA motor. I have the official drive motor but no gear wheel for it to drive. I seem to fall down with my communication with Seben.

  3. Paul Patten says:

    Great Scope, not an entry level item.. I roughly positioned it on the first night it arrived so the drive tracking was a bit out. The scope however even on the PL 10, with no other, optics provided superb views of Jupiter with cloud markings clearly visible.. I am a bit disappointed with the quality of the tripod and the fitting of the drive motor, which really is a bit Heath Robinson.. But the major detractors of this instrument slate the optics.. None of these people have experience of using this instrument.. But basically if someone had £400 in their pocket, I would have no hesitation in recommending this telescope.. It seems a much better prospect than a 3″ refractor or 5″ reflector that would be available from one of the better known manufacturers for the same price..

  4. STEVEN says:

    I got the “bigboss” 150 cm aperture thru ebay. The telescope was in bad alignment, that I have to buy a collimator to check it. As it was, the focuser is not aligned to the main mirror as the laser light from the collimator falls to the side about 5-8 cm from the middle. I have to make cardboard wedges and insert them at the base of the focuser tube to make the proper adjustments. The SEBEN support does not even know about this problem of their telescope. I also purchased a motor drive from them but it’s unusable as there is no attachment gear to connect to the telescope mount.

  5. Blob says:

    There is one important word missing from the article: Parabolic.

    The optics are so ‘fast’ that they will have very noticeable spherical aberration and coma covering half the view.
    Visually it will be annoying and barely manageable; astro photography will be pointless.
    The mount also has a design fault – as a previous poster has found out – no gear wheel.

    The only ‘good’ point is the price – however, a cardboard tube is even cheaper.

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