Latest Reviews for the Sky-Watcher Telescopes

SkyWatcher Skyhawk-114/1000 EQ1 Telescope Review

This is a global brand which distributes its products with an international network. They are well skilled and have rich history of innovation with a constant upgrading and use of advanced technologies. They are the proud owners of many outstanding products. They have introduced the first model through which it enabled the people to see [...]

Sky-Watcher Capricorn 70mm Refractor Telescope

Telescopes are used to see the fainter objects in the sky and they help to magnify the objects in the land for better vision. Sky-Watcher Capricorn 70mm Refractor Telescope is designed in the refractor technology which functions and the technical support associated with it gives a rich experience. Sky-Watcher the brand which markets quality products [...]

Sky-Watcher BK15012EQ6 Achromatic Refractor Telescope

Sky-Watcher BK15012EQ6 Telescope feature with the new design that shows improved technical compared to the earlier models. Promising is the performance that lives up to the expectation of the astronomers of intermediate levels. Sky-Watcher offers products to suit the needs of different level users and its construction is a fusion of high quality material and [...]

Sky-Watcher Equinox 66 OTA Telescope Review

Discovering the deep black sky remains to be an all time favourite and they amaze us with great memories. To support this interest are available many devices and one such are the telescopes. They are user friendly with rich appearance that keeps you going for more happy hours gazing at the sky. There are many [...]

Sky-Watcher BK180MAKSP Telescope

Telescopes are been in existence since 400 years and they are a boon for the people who look up and wonder. It has been a whole new way of exploring the puzzled sky and as by days there comes many forms of telescopes. Among the many this model from the maker of leading telescope takes [...]