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Takahashi Epsilon-180ED Newtonian Telescope Review

Takahashi Epsilon-180ED Telescope belongs to the company that constantly innovate products that meets the demand and manufactures with promising ethical standards. Being obsessed in its design with bright yellow colour body adds to the spirit of owning. A brief in-sight of this Telescope clarifies its technical ability and real time performance. Type: This model belongs [...]

Takahashi FCT-250 Refractor Telescope

Takahashi FCT-250 Fluorite Triplet apochromatic refractor Telescope Company: Takahashi Seisakusho, an establishment in Tokyo was incorporated during 1932. Steadily its innovation developed and with many promising models and the brand spread across the far ends of the world. This Refractor Telescope enlightens the dreams of professional astronomers. Model: Takahashi FCT-250 Refractor Telescope has been specially [...]