Latest Reviews for the Telstar Telescopes

Telstar 700×76 Reflector Telescope

‘Telstar’ the maker of ‘700×76 Reflector Telescope’ gives the user the privilege of observing both terrestrial and celestial observation. They bring all the excitement for the beginner level users and the astronomers. The user is at ease to observer the dark sky and even the far off lands all with just the change of the [...]

Telstar 500×114 Reflector Telescope Review

The brand ‘Telstar’ introduces many models of telescopes for the use of both the beginners and the experienced. They serve the right purpose for the students in the study of astronomy. They are unique in providing all the models with the metal tripod and the erecting eyepiece. Model: 500×114 Reflector Telescope Telstar 500×114 Telescope belongs [...]