Latest Reviews for the Zhumell Telescopes

Zhumell Kepler 152mm Refractor Telescope

Zhumell, the experts in precision seek out the problems in observation and develop products according that sets to adventure its customers. Style and design is always found in its models but does not stop with it as they are committed to the expectation of people. What had been just an imagination or a dream about [...]

Zhumell Eclipse 114 Reflector Telescope

Zhumell, the professionals in optical products claims to be the adventure seekers. At Zhumell, the focus is to encourage adventure and provide better vision to its customers. With improved technology, style and design they leave a mark globally. Zhumell Eclipse 114 Reflector Telescope is a remarkable one for the user up to intermediary level. With [...]

Zhumell Dobsonian 8 inch Telescope

Zhumell has emerged as the most trusted brand and are committed to precision, performance and people. Over the years they have launched several optical products which guarantee a truly rejuvenating experience to its customers. Zhumell Dobsonian 8″ Telescope is one such refueled model of Zhumell. Zhumell Dobsonian 8 inch Telescope is well engineered and added [...]