Zhumell Dobsonian 8 inch Telescope

Zhumell has emerged as the most trusted brand and are committed to precision, performance and people. Over the years they have launched several optical products which guarantee a truly rejuvenating experience to its customers. Zhumell Dobsonian 8″ Telescope is one such refueled model of Zhumell.

Zhumell Dobsonian 8 inch Telescope is well engineered and added with Dobsonian and proves efficient for deeper celestial observation. The important distinguish of this series is the large aperture and long focal length. This model shows enormous light gathering capacity which leads to clearer and crisper images. Zhumell Dobsonian 8″ Celestial Telescope has also been commented by the viewers as the light bucket. This telescope gathers all the starlight and performs the same even in case of dim light to fulfill the observer’s requirement. Penetrating the dark scary is just a hand away to the owners of this model.

Zhumell Dobsonian 8″ Reflector Telescope has been engineered with the reflector type and it used for all user levels. Specially designed for celestial purpose viewing of Galaxies, Nebulae, Moon, Planets and star clusters is made thrilling yet interesting.

  • Zhumell Dobsonian 8″ Telescope consists of a focuser of dual speed crayford which is compatible with 1.25 ” and 2” format eyepieces which are included.
  • The finderscope which helps to locate the object for observation easily and with Zhumell Dobsonian 8″ Telescope comes the RACI finderscope which is the Right Angle Correct Image.
  • Together with it is the 8 inch center marked mirror which is enabled to bring out the correct contract and brightness of the object.
  • Zhumell Dobsonian 8″ Telescope shows off its comfort levels with the Dobsonian Mount on which the tube can be easily slipped to give immediate observation.
  • Zhumell Dobsonian 8″ Telescope consists of a focal length of 1200mm with the focal ratio of f/5.9.
  • The embedded lens is fully multi coated which comforts the eye and also produces crisper and clearer image.
  • With the maximum useful magnification of 479x it makes viewing the smallest detail of the celestial bodies easier.

Zhumell Dobsonian amateur astronomer Telescope comes with a 3 year no fault warranty given by the manufacturer.

Zhumell Dobsonian 8″ Telescope – Technical, Specification Features

Brand Zhumell
Model Name Dobsonian 8″ Telescope
Telescope Type Reflector
Focal length 1200 mm
Focal ratio 5.9
Maximum Magnification 479x
Finder scope 8×50
Aperture 50 mm
Eye piece 1.25 / 2 inches
Optical coating Multi coated
Objective 204 mm
Mount Dobsonian
Warranty 3 year no fault warranty

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  1. NiteskyGirl says:

    As an astronomer I provide the proper telescope buying help and this will be added. Really truthful reviews and honestly written.

  2. Adolf says:

    This telescope is up to my expectations and seems a little heavy. The specifications highly suit my requirements and the magnification is high to its kind. Glad I choose this and anyone can feel the same.

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